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Nutrition During Pregnancy
A balanced diet is a basic part of good health at all times in your life. During pregnancy, your diet is even more important. The foods you eat are the main source of nutrients for your baby.
Obesity and Pregnancy
Obesity is a major health problem in the United States. When a pregnant woman is obese, it can have serious effects on her health and the health of her baby.
A Partner's Guide to Pregnancy
Pregnancy is an exciting time for you and your partner. If you are like most parents-to-be, you are both thrilled and anxious. Although your partner is the one experiencing the changes of pregnancy, you can help by understanding these changes and being prepared and supportive.
Preeclampsia and High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy
Hypertension, or high blood pressure, can lead to health problems at any time in life. During pregnancy, severe or uncontrolled hypertension can cause complications for you and your baby.
Pregnancy Choices: Raising the Baby, Adoption, and Abortion
Some women have mixed feelings when they find out that they are pregnant. They may wonder if they are ready to accept and handle all that comes with raising a child. When you find out you are pregnant, you have a number of options.
Prenatal Genetic Diagnostic Tests
Prenatal genetic testing gives parents-to-be information about whether their baby has certain genetic disorders before birth. Prenatal diagnostic tests can tell you whether your unborn baby actually has certain disorders.
Prenatal Genetic Screening Tests
Prenatal genetic testing gives parents-to-be information about whether their baby has certain genetic disorders before birth.
Reducing Risks of Birth Defects
Birth defects affect about 1 in 33 babies born in the United States each year. Some birth defects cannot be prevented.
Repeated Miscarriages
Most women who have a miscarriage go on to have healthy pregnancies. A small number of women (1%) will have repeated miscarriages.
The Rh Factor: How it Can Affect Your Pregnancy
During pregnancy, you will have a blood test to find out your blood type and whether your blood has the Rh factor.
Routine Tests During Pregnancy
During pregnancy, certain lab tests are recommended for all women. Although most women have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies, routine tests can help detect possible problems.
Skin Conditions During Pregnancy
Your body changes in many ways during pregnancy. Besides the change in weight, some of the most noticeable changes are those to the skin, hair, and nails. 
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