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Contemporary Perspectives on Breast Health
This CD ROM presents material regarding conditions affecting the breast through the use of interactive case studies.
Pain Management: Interactive Case Studies
The health provider who completes the program will be able to better evaluate causes of pain based on described symptoms,determine appropriate methods for managing pelvic pain, etc
Urogynecology: A Case Management Approach
This CD ROM is intended as supplemental material inadequately covered in residency programs and to meet the demand for information on this topic.
Clinical Cases in Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology
32 clinical cases in pediatric and adolescent gynecology are included and describe gynecologic problems experienced by pediatric and adolescent patients along with many other topics such as congenital anomalies, pediatric gynecology,puberty, and much more
Healing Our Own: Adverse Events in Obstetrics and Gynecology
This DVD, conceived by ACOG's Junior Fellow Congress Advisory Council (JFCAC), is intended to help foster support of clinicians in the wake of serious and unexpected adverse health care events and outcomes.